Phone System Upgrade

We just completed an upgrade of our phone system here at DataWeld to make it easier to communicate with all of our customers and potential clients. The new system is based on VOIP Technology which simply means it uses the internet to communicate instead of traditional point to point land lines. So how does this help you? 

1. There is now a direct access line to everyone in the company. No more phone trees! Instead of calling our main number (which is still operational) and entering an extension number, you call the phone number that goes directly to the person you're trying to contact. It's faster, easier and there are no extension numbers to remember. 

2. Voice message aren't just saved to the phone they're also sent to the person you're calling via email. As time permits, the team here at Dataweld could respond via email while continuing to work with another client. This will ultimately lead to faster response times. The numbers are in place now, so the next time you need to speak with someone on the team here at Dataweld, ask for their direct line or go to Dataweld’s Contact Us page for a list of the numbers.