Support for Windows 2003 Server

Microsoft will be transitioning once again in July of this year. To be more specific, they will be transitioning on July 14, 2015. This transition will mean the official end of all support for Microsoft Windows 2003 Servers. For some, this may not seem like a real issue. Maybe you're thinking that, with everything still running smoothly, there’s absolutely no need to update the system. That may be partially true, but something else is also true. End of support means that there will be no more updates developed or released. This can also create compliance issues with the current standards and regulations. Also, with no updates, this means less protection from threats regardless of whether or not the server is physical or virtual. 

At this point, we urge you to start either making a place in the budget for a server upgrade or to simply start the process for upgrading from Windows 2003 to Windows 2012. Delaying this process will inevitably create more issues.