Coffee and Customer Service

When I picked up my coffee the other day something unusual happened. The person behind the counter handed me a coupon for a free drink and explained that the wait time had been longer than what they felt was acceptable. Maybe someone got upset and said something, maybe no one did, regardless, I didn’t express to them that I was upset and yet they still gave me the free coffee. Now that free coffee probably didn’t cost them much and could easily be considered a marketing expense, but they made an effort to take care of their customers even when no action was technically required. I’m not suggesting here that we start giving away things for free, but rather to think about how we can go above and beyond to take care of the customer. I’d be remiss if, after writing this, I didn’t ask how we are doing with our customer service. So, please let us know how we’re doing. All you have to do is respond to this email with your thoughts and suggestions.