Barcode Scanning with the iPhone has been Improved

The latest iPhone, the 6S, now has an improved 12 megapixel camera. How does that impact you? If you're using the DataWeld iPhone app, or plan to, it can have a big impact. The app allows an operator to use a traditional bluetooth barcode scanner or the built in iPhone camera. The iPhone camera has always worked, but it was more of a last resort. It took too much time to focus to be practical for continuous scanning. Our recent internal testing has shown the iPhone 6S to read barcodes almost as fast as a dedicated barcode scanner. What this means is that you may want to look closely at the iPhone 6S for scanning purposes. If, after your own testing, you decide to use the camera as opposed to a traditional barcode scanner, then you've saved some money. If you decide to continue using the bluetooth scanner, then you have a vastly improved back up scanner.