Website Tools: Product Showcase Page

If you have an online store, then you could use your product page for this purpose. However, for those that don't have an online store, then showcase pages are a fantastic way to talk about a product and provide that all too necessary information at ay point that the customer may need it. This also helps with SEO for the website by providing valuable information to the search engines which then disperse that information to the world.

What does this look like? This page or these pages will vary based on demographics and the type of product, but a few things to keep in mind are:

  • Include high quality images that show more than one angle of the item and make sure that there's alternate text in case the image doesn't appear on the page.
  • Also, if appropriate, have video. This can be a great tool for showing the product in use and to describe how it works simultaneously.
  • From an SEO standpoint, don't just add industry lingo for the sake of adding it in to the page. Instead, let all the content be natural. Use the words that would naturally be used surrounding this product. Why? Google released a statement some time back that said if, based on their algorithm, a company was adding keywords to try and trick the system in an effort to boost rankings, then their rankings would be negatively impacted. Simply put, write real and natural content.

Note: There's far more that I could type up concerning this topic, but that would be a really long article... so instead of trying to cover every possible facet, I gave a few highlights and will now encourage you to go be creative, to start thinking outside the box.

What to remember: Quality and creativity are the key to success with these pages.