Entrepreneurs aren't rewarded necessarily by effort or hours. We're rewarded when the outcome, the product or service we're producing actually does something that people care about.
-Michael Burcham

We must be productive not just busy. A friend recently said to me that they no longer work the crazy hours that they used to and instead have found ways to get more done in less time. Part of this comes from focus, part from being efficient, and part from not wasting time. Here are a few ideas if you want to get more done is less time:

  • Delegate. Let go of the task and don't worry about how the person or team will complete the task.
  • Improve your communication. Take a few minutes to make sure that what you're saying makes sense and won't require another email/phone call/meeting.
  • Group repetitive task. I have an email that goes out every other week, so instead of sitting down the day before to create the email (when inevitably a meeting will come up), I create and schedule a batch of the emails when I know that I'll have the time and won't be interrupted.

What to remember: There are so many ways to improve how you use your time, but the key here is to go into work with the mentality of improving a little bit every day.