Is Social Media Helping or Hurting You?

Social media can be a great tool for boosting a business. It can also slow you down. Much like the infamous Netflix binge, social media can be a place where we fall down the rabbit hole only to emerge an hour (or two) later. This means a lot of lost productivity. Does this mean that you should quit social media altogether? No, of course not, but, as is with any tool, it should be used wisely and appropriately.

What does this look like?

  • Focus on what you're trying to accomplish. If you're posting for business, then do that and move on to the next task.
  • If you need a mental break, then set a timer and stop as soon as the timer goes off.
  • Remember that the world will keep spinning even if you don't see every post or respond to every question immediately.
  • Be discerning about what you respond to. Not all direct messages or comments need a response.

What to remember: Social media can be a very valuable tool if used wisely and a productivity destroyer if used unwisely.