We would all probably like a little more money in the bank, but how do we get it? Work harder, save more, cut things out? Working harder may earn you more money, but it may also take all your time, instead work smarter. As for the other two ideas, they can definitely help. Saving money every month can be a tool used in the long run to help amass wealth, protect the company against the unforseen problems and in turn help to create financial stability. Cutting out the excess so that there's no waste or inefficiencies will also help in accomplishing this goal.

What does this look like?

  • If you want to save more, then you'll have to have a plan. Sure, maybe this month there's a little left over and you throw it into a savings account, but what about next month? Create a plan, with a budget that has all the normal expenses on it (plus some wiggle room), and then stick to it.
  • Simplify. Cut out the extras and those things that might be nice, but in reality aren't really benfiting the company or its goals. Cutting out the excess spending and tracking where all those dollars are going can really make an impact on the amount that can be saved.
  • Focus and persevere. These are everything. Focus on the goal, don't loose sight of what you're trying to accomplish and persevere until the goal is met.

What to remember: The plan has to be realistic, but don't loose sight of the fact that life happens and occasionally the plan will have to be adapted.