Remote Working?

Remote working isn't becoming a big thing, it already is. Obviously the millennial generation is making up a big portion of this demographic and this is definitely in part due to the ever growing need for coders/software developers/programmers/etc. The big question is how this idea of working remotely applies to everyone else?

One of the most obvious is simply as a benefit to your team. It's not that your person in charge of billing is going to suddenly start working from home 100 percent of the time. However, given the option, this idea can make it possible for everyone to be more productive. Working remotely also doesn't have to be all or nothing. It can be one day a week, every other day, on an as needed basis, or any other combination. All a person needs is the ability to log into their work computer/server or work from a laptop that they can take with them. What this does is make it possible for employees to work from home when say their child is sick. We could come up with all types of scenarios (like how the ability to work remotely is a great tool for disaster preparedness), but the key is to be creative and to look at this as an opportunity to offer a great benefit to your team.

Do you have a remote work policy? if so, let us know (just click here). We'd love to hear how you've implemented the idea of working remotely.