Should you encourage the use of debit/credit cards?

To some companies it would be unheard of to ask this question, but to others it's a different story entirely. Being able to process credit and debit cards does have its benefits and draw backs. For the team here at Dataweld, processing cards is just a fact of doing business regardless of the cost we may incur. Whatever your viewpoint on this topic, today I want to offer a reason why being able to processes a customer's card is an invaluable service (at least for us...).

I can't yell through writing, but that's what I would be doing right now. If you have any kind of recurring invoice (especially ones where the amount remains the same), then your customer should be able to pay with a credit or debit card. They should also be able to do this without you being involved and prefereably with them only having to take the time to setup the initial autodraft.

Here's why I feel so strongly about this:

  • Why do the work of processing payments and taking and depositing checks to the bank when a computer can do it for you?
  • Autodraft means that you get paid immediately.
  • You don't have to send the invoice (at least not the paper one).
  • Less time spent reminding customers that their invoice is due.
  • and less time overall spent on this task.

What to remember: We're all very busy, so if you're looking for a way to streamline operations we would strongly suggest starting here.