Keeping Customers Up to Date

Business is busy. There's always something happening whether it's issues to deal with or just day to day operations. Because things are busy we don't always have time to communicate the way that we would like and that's where a website and social media come into to play.

What does this look like?

  • Blog: While this, in most cases, is helpful content, it can also be used to help keep customers up to date on what is going on with the business. i.e. new products, alerts, notifications about events, etc.
  • Alert function (on the website):
  • Even if you don't have some special module to alert customers, code or content can be easily added to a website (especially with all these website builder sites). This is a great way to let customers know what's happening during events and emergencies.
  • Social Media:
  • Much like the alert function on a website, this is another way to let customers know what's happening with the company. It's also a great way to pass on information to both customers and potential customers.
  • Email: With so many great systems out there, keeping customers up to date via email is incredibly easy. This is a great place to send out more detailed and/or varied information about products, updates, events, etc.

What to remember: Test the methods available to you and and remember that just becuase other businesses are using a certain method doesn't mean that it's appropriate for your particular situation.