Computer Issues?

There's times when my PC can be a little frustrating. This is mostly because I'm trying to do too much at one time which tends to hurt the performance. While in some cases a more powerful machine might be needed, I've found that there are a few options to try before going that route.

What are these things?

  • One is to simply clean up my computer. Remove any files or programs that don't need to be there (don't forget the recycle bin...).
  • After that, I run the Disk Cleanup utility and the Defragmentation process (both of these should be on a schedule).
  • Now, the drive has to be pretty full for it to noticeably slow down, but one thing I did made a huge difference and that was adding RAM (Random Access Memory) to my computer. Think of RAM like a funnel, the bigger the funnel the more information that can get through.
  • Along those lines would be to instal a SSD (Solid State Drive) to replace the disk drive. These are much faster, extremely reliable, and while they used to be much more expensive the prices have dropped dramatically.
  • Last, but certainly not least (because I have to mention this), check for viruses. Lately, viruses have been even more of a major issue, so make sure that you have virus protection and that it's up to date.

What to remember: Keeping your computer running smoothly is a lot like house keeping. You should clean on a regular basis, throw out the things that need to be thrown out, and make sure that you have the tools to get the job done.