Should you blog?

For some, the thought of putting, well, their thoughts out onto the internet for the world to see is terrifying. It's kind of like the whole public speaking thing, some people just don't like it. In reality, it's difficult, unless of course your one of those people that loves public speaking. Something to consider though is the impact that a blog can have on a company and the people it's trying to reach. A blog can be used to update clients and customers, it can be used to establish the company as an industry authority on certain topic, and along those lines it can be used simply as a tool to help clients better understand your products and the issues that you're trying to help them solve.

How can a blog help?

  • Build Engagement
  • Tell your Story
  • Attract an Audience
  • It's good for SEO
  • Teach about your Products
  • Establish Authority
  • Share your Expertise
  • and many more...

What to remember: Whatever your reason for starting a blog, make sure that you have a goal and a plan before getting started.