Website Tools: Google Drive

There are times when things will need to be completed from scratch and there are other times when the tools will be available. For me, one of those tools is Google Drive. It's simple, it's free (and in this case the free option is actually good), and it works. I've used my Google Drive both for personal and work-related task finding, through those experiences, that it's a great tool for streamlining.

What does this look like? One of the ways that I've used this tool is to keep form submissions more organized. What I did was sync my website forms with a Google Sheets page on my drive. Now I have a list of every submission and they're all date stamped. Before this integration I was only using email i.e. someone submits a form and it comes into my email. This worked but it wasn't very efficient. Now I look online and there's a clean, organized list without me having to lift a finger. Of course, there are many ways that a tool like this can be used, so get creative.

What to remember: Not every tool will work or be appropriate for every company and/or scenario, so find the tool(s) that work for you and don't be afraid to ask questions.