In a rut?

Every business starts off with an idea, with some problem to solve with some need that hasn't yet been met or met in a way that the new business thinks is good enough. As time goes on and the business becomes established, owners may find themselves in a rut, struggling, maybe a little complacent, etc. These next thoughts are for those owners, the ones in a rut, but the ones that want to progress and move forward.

  • Diversify: Find the unmet need. There's always problems to solve and needs to be met. When you find the business running smoothly, begin to diversify and discover new needs and problems to solve.
  • Explore new markets: Piggybacking off the last point, start exploring. Look for markets outside of the current "box" that could be opportunities for the business to explore, expand, and diversify. In other words, try to find new markets where the companies skillset is being utilized.
  • Digital presence:Social media is here and being used. While it may or may not be overly applicable to your current demographic, this could be the very tool that helps the company discover that new market.

What to remember: I'm going to be very cliche and say that there's no time like the present to get started. Do your research, take some risk, and get moving.