How much time do you spend on your phone?

Do you know? I was surprised to see how much and once it's been pointed out, then, naturally, you start to notice more and more. Now, I'm not saying that being on your phone is bad. After all, many of us work from our phone or at least do a lot of work on our phone. With that in mind, should there be a limit? I wouldn't even begin to go after that topic because we're all different and therefore there isn't one answer that would work for everyone. However, there are a few things to consider and that's what the list below is about.

Things to consider:

  • Tracking your screen time. Many smart phones will do this and will actually give you a report. Knowing these numbers and whether they are higher or lower can give some insight into our level of productivity.
  • Many smart phones show what you use the most. I thought that I knew, but it was really interesting to see what actually made the top of my most used list.
  • Turn off the notifications. This doesn't have to be indefinitely, it could be for a set period of the day, but, for many of us, notifications can be a time suck (they tend to lead us into checking other things).
  • Installing and app like Freedom which makes it possible for the user to set blocks on certain apps for set times of the day. This is similar to the suggestion on notifications, but is more geared toward blocking say Facebook for a given time period. The hope would be that distractions would be removed and we would in-turn become more productive.

What to remember: Be mindful of the time you spend on your phone, because it may be making you less productive.