Need to contact your driver?

Have you ever needed to get a message to one of your drivers, but you know they can't answer the phone? Or maybe you just need to contact all of your drivers with an urgent message? 

1. You could call every driver, who may or may not be able to answer, but that would take a lot of precious time that could be spent on other more important activities. 

2. You could send them an email, assuming they have access and that they check their email frequently. 

3. Instead, send them a text using your email. All you need is the driver's phone number and the ending for the specific wireless carrier they use. For instance, to email a text to someone with Verizon, type in the ten digit number then 

4. The text message will pop up as a text message freeing up the driver from having to answer the phone and or search through their email inbox. 

5. A text is the perfect solution. It will appear right on the screen, notifying the person immediately that it has arrived, and the driver never has to answer a call which will save all parties involved a lot of time. 

6. On top of all of that, lets say you have to contact 10 drivers with the same message. Using this method, you'll only  type and send the message once. 

So next time you need to contact your drivers or anyone in your company, send them a text message through your email.

Common Carriers:





Virgin Mobile: