General Ledger Update

A complete facelift of the General Ledger module is currently in progress and should be finished by the end of July. The goal of the project was to have one screen be the focal point for working with the General Ledger. To accomplish this, the transaction entry program was completely re-written and is the first screen you see when you enter the General Ledger module. Much like Accounts Payable, where everything can be done from one screen, the General Ledger program will now let you do everything from entering transactions to running updates and financial statements, all from one convenient location.

Filters for dates allow you to view only the transactions for the desired time period on the screen. Filters are also available for the source of the transaction (I.e. Accounts Payable) and Accounting Period. Out of balance conditions alert you any time you are not in balance. The Reports tab lets you run journals, trial balances and financial statements. You can also run reports for open as well as closed accounting periods.

The sequence file for creating customized financial statements is being simplified and streamlined. You will still be able to design your own unique statements, but with a lot less effort. An option has also been added to automatically save a copy of your reports to a user defined directory in a PDF file format. This feature means you will always have a copy of your all of your reports (Journals, Trial Balances, etc.) even if you forget to save them.

Once the re-write is finished, we will create a video highlighting all of the new changes and features. If you are interested in being an early tester of the new programs give us a call or send an email to