Online Ordering

Checklist for getting started:

  1. Last Update Date: 5/7/2017
  2. Set up CylTech 2 to start collecting email addresses (SC100_M User file). This feature causes a pop up window in order entry to prompt for email addresses. Set up immediately. Email addresses are gold. (Andi)
  3. Review options in contact file (WR411_M) for emailing (should have permission for sending emails that promote – Easy Order, express or implied. Must offer option to unsubscribe)
  4. Set up site for distributor
  5. Get company logo - Andrew can pull logo off of website if they have one
  6. Discuss rotating images (add details)
  7. Contact Us information – customer supplies or we pull from their site.
  8. About Us information – Home page – (history of the distributor)
  9. About Us information: Detail page
  10. Policies - Andrew
  11. Set up emails for order confirmations from shopping cart (Distributor and DataWeld) Jim, Andrew and Andi
  12. Get cylinder labels, compare to existing images and create new images as necessary.
  13. Build cylinder records
  14. Review option to go live with some customers for cylinders only.
  15. Run INVANALYSIS_Q and save as PDF. This is a query that shows: number of customers, number of inventory items, dead stock, excess stock, average number of customers per salesman, customers with no purchases since a given date. It will be one reference point for us measuring success.
  16. PROGRAMMING NOTE: Need to change Daily Sales Inquiry so we can see how many orders come in through the shopping cart. Add new filter “E-Commerce Sales”

Building/Assigning Inventory

  1. Run program (DWLDINVANALEFL) to compare UPC to IN100 so we know how many items we already have built. This requires retrieving the customer inventory file and putting it on our server. (Andi)
  2. Run program INAMERI_C. This program will rank the top XX items. This will help us prioritize which items we will build first. Use the list as a checklist to check off the items that have been built
  3. ?? How to assign when there is a match without going into each item? D&D should have a lot of matches?? INVDWLDASSIGN?? New program?? Scan item? TALK TO GREG THE IMPORT may already do this.
  4. After we have built the agreed upon number of items (example: 500) NOTE: Our goal will be to create 20% more items than contractually agreed upon. If the contract calls for 500 items we will build 600.

    Import additional basic (simple) inventory items from inventory file as required so customers can re-order (last 12 months) (WHO WILL UPDATE) Spreadsheet on H drive

    We will track:
    • # of Inventory items we committed to build
    • # of complete items built
    • # of basic items imported
    • Total number of items as of (Date)
  5. Set up Easy Order (email history of purchases) EZ-ORDER
    1. Create copy for email (WR410_M)
    2. Create copy for report (WR410_M)
    3. Identify who will receive Easy Order (WR411_M)
    4. Set up frequency to send out (Scheduled Deliveries – QU300_?). This sets up the frequency or how oftern EZOrder is sent out.
    5. Test ECOMWB255_R . Sends out the EZOrder Report to contacts identified in the contact file and set up in Scheduled Deliveries.
    6. Sheri/Debbi – What else?
  6. Review payment methods (bill to account, credit card)
  7. Review credit card processing if required.
  8. Set up generic username and password for distributor to view site, place orders and proof.
  9. Review and establish guidelines for:
    1. Internet pricing – price that displays when someone looks at the item but is not logged in. (INAMERISP_C). Can be overall, by class or by vendor.
    2. Customer specific pricing – based on billing history (last price customer paid). (PRICEHISTC) Special Pricing? Frequency?
    3. Vendor specific pricing – “Money Matters” “Build Blue” How ?
    4. Call for Pricing – if item retail? price is zero – “Call for Pricing” displays. Customer price would show if logged in.
    5. Price – if MSRP and Internet price are both in the inventory record, the shopping cart will display “You save XX%” How? Careful?
  10. Review options for putting videos on the site. (Safety videos, product videos, how to videos)
  11. Sending the customer account number to the shopping cart “Charge my account” CUSTOMER IMPORT that will contain the customer account number. Program name

Testing the System:

    1. Set up five customers for testing using real customer numbers (not live) Use program WBTOP_R to rank the customers and determine which ones are the top 5 for testing.
    2. Set up Easy Order with email addresses pointing to generic email address
    3. Compare Billing History to shopping cart to confirm all items previously purchased can be found in the shopping cart (program compares Billing History to the database. (LAST 12 Months) option for longer?
    4. Using the Customer Inquiry, reprint 10 orders from the invoice archive.
    5. Enter those orders into the shopping cart.
    6. Compare unit prices and subtotals
  1. Setup and test FTP for order downloads (every 15 minutes orders are downloaded) (Andrew and Andi) (Support will set up on customer server)
  2. Test order import and ticket printing. Assign picking ticket printer.
  3. Test inventory, internet pricing and customer pricing export. (PROGRAM NAMES)
  4. Promotion email “Announcing or Coming Soon” (Andrew-Andi) (Extract email addresses program name)
  5. Review taxing and shipping policies (taxing plug in – free update once a month). If used, taxing will apply to generic taxes not customer specific. Tax is Yes or No for everything.
  6. Set up salesman so they can sign on at customer site and take orders in front of the customer. Review with distributor. (Use customer email address and master password) Note: order confirmation will be emailed to all designated addresses.
  7. After testing is completed, go live with five customers. (based of distributor authorization)
  8. After 30 days roll out to 10 additional customers
  9. After 60 days roll out to customers on demand.
  10. Start sending out Easy-Order to all customers

Keeping the Site Updated

  1. New inventory items-how to charge for complete items.
  2. Complete/Basic items
  3. Customers
  4. Special Pricing
  5. Internet Pricing
  6. Write up updating emails (WR411_M) Discuss add change or delete FAQ , details