The Psion Neo

Psion Neo - Pocket Dynamo

You need smaller, lighter data collection tools. But you won’t compromise on power or functionality; now you don’t have to. NEO proves that exceptionally good things come in small packages. Its compact size (it weighs just over 275 g) coupled with a raft of features makes it perfect for the mobile workforce. Stock checking, inventory tracking, light warehouse duty, or full on in-store retail. NEO takes them all on.

It Doesn’t Mess Around

NEO may be small but don’t be fooled. It’s unbelievably rugged. This means it’s never out of action. And productivity never dips.This lean machine can withstand being dropped from 1.2 meters to polished concrete. Twenty-six times over (it could take more). It packs an IP rating of 54,so you don’t have to worry about dust or moisture. And it can operate in extreme conditions: from -10°C to +50°C(14°F to 122°F). Plus, a ten-hour battery life means it lasts the whole shift.

Striking Ergonomics

Neo puts the worker at the heart of the design. That’s why NEO just feels right. It’s bright, high-resolution color display is angled towards the user. This makes it a dream to use – unlike the frustrating ‘scan, tilt and squint’ action of other devices. And just feel the weight. Or lack of it. The stylish NEO tips the scales at under 10oz.

Neo Can’t Stop Cramming

You wanted it, so Neo has given it to you. NEO is Windows®-based and integrates with loads of advanced data capture and communications functions. WLAN and Bluetooth® connectivity – check. VoIP, IM and texting functionality, so you’re never out of touch – that’s here too. And there’s no need to fear the future. NEO can easily be expanded to incorporate new technologies, like RFID, as and when your apps demand it.

Choices, Choices

Different apps have different requirements. NEO supports them all –it’s available with 48-key alphanumeric or 26-key numeric keyboards.