The Psion Workabout Pro

DataWeld uses the Workabout Pro in several distributor specific applications. The Workabout Pro is the desired handheld if you want to track your assets with RFID tags & transponders since it offers a built-in RFID reader. With the wireless option installed physical counts can be taken with count transactions going immediately to the server. Applications such as picking orders take advantage of the wireless network access to guide you through the process of pulling orders and insuring the correct items are selected.

The Workabout Pro supports a variety of field installable expansion modules including scanners, imagers, RFID modules, Wireless LAN (WLAN) Wireless WAN (WWAN) radios, and more.

The Workabout Pro takes advantage of the powerful Windows Mobile operating system to offer the ultimate in flexibility to meet the specific needs of your software solution. The Workabout Pro withstands 26 drops from five feet to polished concrete, and shock and vibration consistent with mounting in a truck or a forklift. It includes an IP65 rating, protecting it against dust and water sprayed from all directions.

The Workabout Pro is built on the concept of providing an industrial tool that doesn't need to be replaced or thrown away the minute new requirements emerge. It is designed to operate in tough environments, with ever changing requirements and new technology always around the corner. The Workabout Pro adapts quickly and easily to your evolving business needs.