Our History

DataWeld was founded in 1982 with the sole purpose of providing superior software solutions for the welding supply distributor. The founders of DataWeld had prior experience working with welding supply distributors and knew that there were major areas of improvement needed in software developed for this industry. Specifically in the areas of cylinder rental billing, cylinder tracking, and billing for gases.

Over fifty distributors were contacted by phone or face to face and were asked this question "If you could have anything in a software package for your specific market, what would it be?” This initial survey became the foundation for the software being enhanced today.

As the industry became more sophisticated, requirements changed from just tracking cylinders by size and type to tracking cylinders by serial number. DataWeld developed unique handheld software to give the distributor the ability to capture data in the field without having to write down serial numbers. Bar code tracking was introduced and later RFID transponders.

With the back office needs met, DataWeld turned to automating the process of selling away from the office. New software was developed to give drivers to sell product off of their truck and generate an invoice to be left with the customer. The customer received an accurate, priced and taxed invoice and the driver no longer had to manually enter tickets into the system when he returned at the end of the day.

As technology improved, DataWeld saw the opportunity to improve the quality of training while at the same time reducing costs for the distributor. DataWeld Online was introduced which gave Support Representatives the ability to support and train new and existing customers over high speed internet connections. Distributors could now lower their costs and improve the training process without ever leaving their office.

Continuing technology improvements led to the development of training videos. These videos give the employee the option to train with no interaction from DataWeld. Those that have viewed the videos and trained with them like the ability to watch them repeatedly to review and clarify specific areas.

The internet revolution has impacted the distributors and customers DataWeld serves in many ways. The most recent is the addition of shopping cart capabilities so the distributors customers can place orders 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Adding to the customer convenience goal, a distributor can also offer his customers the ability to pay their invoices online.

Whatever the future brings, you can rest assured that DataWeld will be at the forefront of technology developing new products to improve the software experience for all DataWeld customers.