Using the iPhone for Tracking

AcuTrax is a powerful cylinder and asset tracking software program that now runs on the iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini. Depending upon your volume, bar code scanning can be accomplished using the built in camera, a tightly integrated scanner or a separate blue tooth connected scanner.

With the iPhone, one device can be used to track cylinders, communicate, text, provide driving directions (GPS) and even provide digital proof of delivery. The fact that many drivers already have iPhones further reduces the cost.

Customers, cylinder types and even a complete database of your serial numbers can be downloaded to the iPhone via a standard Wi-Fi or cellular connection any place the driver happens to be. He is no longer forced to bring his handheld back in the office to upload or download data. This unique onboard database provides an exceptionally high degree of error checking.

The iPhone also offers electronic signature capture for digital proof of delivery. Cylinder transactions and digital signatures can be uploaded to the server anytime the driver has a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Digital signatures for proof of delivery along with all serial numbers shipped or returned can be emailed directly from AcuTrax upon request by your customer.

The iPad mini can also be used to wirelessly connect to your server from your dock. This allows real time updating for the following types of transactions: receiving cylinders from vendors, returning cylinders to vendors, filling cylinders (including lot numbers), adding new cylinders to the database or updating existing cylinders, transferring cylinders to different locations and capturing/updating lot number data for bulk gases.

Questions to ask:

  • How will the iPhone save me money?
  • Other then tracking, how can I use the iPhone?
  • Is it durable enough for the industry?