Gone are the days when work is processed with paper and pencil in the field and then brought back to the office for someone to manually enter into your computer system. DataWeld’s focus on mobile computing gives you options to streamline your field operations, enhance customer service, reduce data entry time and dramatically reduce errors.

If your goal is strictly cylinder tracking in the field, DataWeld supports state of the art devices such as the iPhone and iPad. If you are looking for a more traditional, industrial handheld computer, then you can track your cylinders with a ruggedized Windows 10 based handheld computer. With both devices, transactions can be captured in the field and easily uploaded to your server eliminating both data entry time and data entry errors.

For the distributor who sells off of his trucks, DataWeld offers the ultimate in mobile order processing. Using the latest ruggedized, Windows based, GETAC tablets, your driver or salesman can generate an order in the field even when there is no cellular connection. Standard pricing, contract pricing, even product availability are all available while processing an order in front of the customer.

The best part is when the driver or salesman returns to your office. From his car or truck, he can wirelessly connect to your network and upload all orders for the day including how many cylinders were shipped and returned. Literally in seconds, the orders are ready to be updated to the customer account with absolutely no data entry.

For the more advanced distributor, DataWeld offers the Dispatcher which allows you to assign orders to trucks or drivers prior to them leaving for the day. Once assigned, the orders are wirelessly downloaded to the drivers’ tablet and he is ready to begin his day. At the end of his day, the processed orders are wirelessly uploaded to the server and updated with no data entry. Work is processed faster, with far fewer errors and much more efficiently.

All of DataWeld’s mobile devices support electronic signature capture for digital proof of delivery. Captured signatures can be reprinted onto the invoice and emailed to the customer upon request.

Questions to ask:

  • Can I use my current iPhone?
  • What are the capabilities?
  • Can I process orders?