Top-of-the-line customer software support is the key to success with DataWeld software. You're not just a number who speaks to a different person every time you call. Instead, each customer is assigned to a specific customer support representative with whom you build a relationship and who develops a strong understanding of your business. When you have a question about the functionality of your software or how to get a program to fit your need, your customer support representative will be available to provide you help that is based on their knowledge of your business. 

What Makes DataWeld Support Unique - Dedicated Support Representatives

Getting to know you and your needs gives your support representative the knowledge they need to help you get the most out of your system. This partnership lays a strong foundation for the success of your business.

The DataWeld support team offers three convenient methods of contact:

  1. You can contact your support representative on their direct phone line.

  2. You can email a question to your support representative. In many cases, your question can be answered by a simple yes, no, or try this.

  3. You can also fax your questions directly to the support department.

State-of-the-Art Support Technology

The DataWeld support department uses state-of-the-art tools that provide the highest level of support possible. With your permission, your support representative is able to operate your system remotely to solve your problem as quickly as possible. If you need a new program update, your support representative can transfer it directly into your system without having to wait for an overnight delivery. Your support representative can even watch as you complete a process to ensure you are doing it correctly.

Training Options

As a bonus to your annual support agreement, online prerecorded training videos are now available. You can view these videos online at your convenience. Video training sessions, such as adding new customers, attaching bar codes or transponders to cylinders for tracking, how to enter a purchase order and many more can be viewed without leaving your desk. New training sessions are added regularly, so check often to see what new training sessions have been added.

If you prefer, one-on-one training is also available online with your support representative on an hourly basis. On-site training is also available if you want a group of people trained at one time.

Newsletter and Other Updates

Softlines is a monthly electronic newsletter that arrives in your email inbox once a month to keep you updated on the latest programs, new training videos, and helpful hints. The Softlines can be sent to any of your employees, all you have to do is sign up through the client login or ask your Support Representative to add your to the list. Your team will always be getting the latest information about the software they use daily.