Online Ordering

What better way to reduce your costs than to have your customers place their own orders, answer questions about unpaid invoices and even pay their invoices themselves. What if you could do this without ever getting you or your support team involved? DataWeld's latest suite of Ecommerce products does all this and more.

The Online Ordering System application gives your customers the ability to search for items, order items, see the latest product offerings and even see detailed information about specific products without having to get your people involved. When they are finished shopping, they simply charge their order to their account. The order comes into your system and is ready for delivery without you having to manually enter the ticket.

Think of all the benefits you receive! Customers answer their own questions about available products without having to get you involved. They can see what they have been buying, so they know exactly what they want to order. They key the order in themselves, which saves you time. And you let them pay at their convenience eliminating cash receipts entries and speeding up the payment process. 

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Questions to ask:

  • What items can I sell online?
  • Can I have custom pricing?
  • What about clearance products?