Client Resources

We strive to be available to all of our clients whenever they need us, but sometimes that is sadly not possible all the time. For those times when we can't be available, we've developed and are continuously developing resources to help. The following resources are at your disposal: The Softlines Newsletter; this is a monthly newsletter that keeps you up to date on developments, new videos, and FAQs. The FAQs and Extended FAQs sections; First there are the typical basic question and answer FAQs. These are tailored based off the questions we've received over the years and are designed to be short, sweet, and too the point. The Extended FAQs are more like documentation. They go in depth, explaining how pieces of the software work and tips on using them more effectively and efficiently. Last but certainly not least are the videos. These are meant to be like the documentation, giving a very detailed visual description of the best practice ways to use the software. 

Online Ordering Data:

Orders: 200
Revenue: 740
Gross Profit Margin: 45%


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