Website Tools: "Calendar" Page

Not many people put up an actual calendar, but having all your events listed as far out as possible can be a great tool for any company. This lets your customers know where they'll be able to find you and also that you're remaining active in the community and in the industry.

What does this look like? A calendar can take multiple forms, but what works best for any given company can only be determined by trial and error. Regardless, here are some thoughts to consider:

  • It doesn't have to be a traditional block calendar. This could be a list for the week, month, or year. It could be links or a pop-up with additional information. Creativity is the key.
  • The display doesn't have to be boring and simple. With all the capability available that can be integrated into a website, just have fun. This obviously needs to fit your industry, but you could have different blocks of information that have an action triggered when they're hovered over.
  • Jumping off the last points, the blocks could link to more information or, if it's an event, could be a form for the customer to let you know that they're coming and if they have something to talk about. This gives you time to prepare and lets you see what your customers concerns are before the event.
  • Lastly, keep it updated. This doesn't mean that you have to remove the information, but maybe it's greyed out. Keeping this updated lets customers know that you're paying attention. It can also be reassurance that those forms they filled out are actually being read.

What to remember: Every company has to figure out what will work for them. This may take trial and error or you might nail it the first time. Regardless, look at the analytics so that you have numbers to back up the choice to stick with the decision.