LED Lights?

I installed some new lights recently and went with LEDs. Now I did this partly because everything seems to be moving that way, but also because they're more energy efficient and last longer. Much longer in fact. This of course depends on how the bulbs are used. They obviously won't last nearly as long if they're run 14 hours a day as opposed to 4. That said, LEDs have a few benefits that I think are worth mentioning:

What are the benefits?

  • Up to 95% efficient, meaning less power wasted and less heat produced.
  • Better light distribution. i.e. less are needed
  • They're more durable given that there's no filament.
  • Longer lifespan. You can easily find LED bulbs with a 50,000 hour life span as opposed to 10,000 for CFL or 1000 for incandescent.

What to remember: LEDs mean less waste, better efficiency, and, most importantly, money saved.