Productivity Tools: Trello

We all forget things from time to time and I'm no exception. Therefore, I started looking for a way to keep track of the things that needed to get done and I wasn't satisfied with the basic to-list. In comes Trello, which is essentially a to-list on steroids, but this tool has definitely helped in getting me more organized.

What does this look like?

  • Yes, essentially it's a to-list, but it holds much more data and has far more capabilities than the average to-list list. Labels can be added to designate where the task or project is on the timeline. Descriptions and comments can be added to further clarify a task or ask questions to the group. Collaborators can "watch" a task so that they get updates, and, of course, due dates can be assigned.
  • Jumping off the last point, collaboration is much easier. Trello makes it easy (and more organized than email...) to share task, goals, timelines, links, and resources. All you have to do is click on the task and then the attachment button to add or share the item with the whole group.
  • One of things that could be particularly helpful is the comment section. If one person is struggling to complete a task, they don't have to go out and ask everyone individually or hope that they will all check their email. There's a central location for talking about the task that can be accessed from anywhere.

What to remember: I've said it a bunch it the past, not every great tool is needed or even a good fit for the company. The key here is to research and experiment with different tools that might make our days a little easier.